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Why Should You Never Iron a 4-Leaf Clover?

  1. red baileys

Because you don’t want to press your luck!

Do you actually have to be Irish to get away with Irish Cream in your coffee?  God I hope not.

Either way, I’m an 1/8 Irish….so I like to think at a minimum, I can pull off Baileys in my coffee without a second dubious glance.  This of course only works when I don’t constantly announce how much I enjoy Baileys in my coffee, or try to use my ginger hair as proof I’m Irish and only if I can refrain from doing it daily.  But, who wants to refrain from doing it daily?

Once again I want to say I’m kidding.  And I can say I am….with a little uncertainty. Maybe I’m just kidding myself.red leprechaun

At Christmas and at cottages, I do get a bit carried away.  Baileys (or my poor girl’s version of it….Carolans, Panama Jack…you get the picture) tastes delicious in coffee, with milk, or just on the rocks. So, trying to refrain for financial, bodily and let’s face it…social stigma reasons do exist.  However, I did have an old co-worker, a creative type, an “Ad man” persay….who kept a bottle in his drawer and pulled it out shamelessly, proudly and in no way, shape or form was he (or did he pretend to be) Irish.  Italian if I remember correctly.

So, this is to my old friend Keith.  Keep drinking that Irish Cream buddy and I’ll raise a toast to you every day, especially St. Patrick’s Day.

The Ginga Ninja

red shamrock

Depends on your definition of “problem”…


So, I think I’m developing a drinking problem.  Well, I guess the real problem is that my brother made this suggestion. If it were secret it wouldn’t be a problem, just a secret.  I must admit I didn’t deny, simply agreed and added the words  “right now”.  Is it a problem if you are enjoying it and it makes all TV a little funnier, all songs a little more meaningful, and all food taste a little better?  I like to think of it as life improver in a bottle.

The problem maybe is the financial aspect…or the potential of weight gain. But, c’mon….they say that a glass of wine a night is good for the heart.  I think the key is to verify the size of that glass.  For any Cougar Town lovers, I’m giving a call out to Big Joe (RIP) and his successor, Big Carl.  The other issue is probably to ensure that when you go for that second glass you don’t convince yourself that the first was only a half.  Guilty.

But, seriously folks, a glass (maybe) two is fine a night…or every other night…it’s probably more than our siblings, or neighbours, or friends openly admit to drinking, but as a single person what am I really worried about?  My brother eats buckets of chicken, tomato tomato.  Wow, that is not the same in copy as it is in speech.  To clarify.  “TOE-MATE-TOE”, “TOM-A-TOE”.  Probably not any better.

What I CAN say is that my internet friend here, Quintas may be overdoing it.  His question: “Is a bottle of wine per night gonna destroy my liver?”  My favourite answer may simply be, “Well, you may be an alcoholic, but you’ve got class my friend”.

Soak it in….well, you may be an alcoholic, but you’ve got class.  You’ve….got…class.

The Ginga Ninja