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Lose your Keys, Lose your Mind


e3a60c0cfa92ffd6a76ee790d593db35I heard something funny recently. You know how people lose something and then they search for days and finally find it…often you hear them exclaim, “Augh. It’s always in the last place I looked!” Well, hello, Einstein…OF COURSE it’s the last place you looked.  If you found it, why would you keep searching?

When I heard that I gave a little giggle.  I never thought of it like that…and yet, how many times have I heard that announced when the precious item is at last discovered?  Well, I am that genius today…and many days.  I am completely, 110% guilty of misplacing things.  I always have more than one thing on my mind…so when it comes time to put something down, I truly put it down.  I rarely think about where, when, in what room or what state. I figure that you can only strive for perfection in so many areas and elsewhere something has got to give.  For me, losing things is my something, but whether it’s my keys or my mind is usually the real question. Amen to that.

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Missing your spoon or shovel?


red-buddha (1)I’ve always been the first to believe in signs. To believe in signs, larger meanings, karmic justice…you name it, I’ve thought it. I can list off a finite number of times I received karmic justice, but not always. No, not always.

Well, today I find myself sitting here thinking there is no deeper meaning or destiny. It is all chance and the actions of individuals. Their risks, their kindness, their anger, their selfishness. Go out and be all that you can be, but don’t believe you are destined to be it. Go out and risk and take challenges not because those will bring you where you are meant to go, but maybe because they will bring you where you never intended to.

I’m tired. I’m tired of waiting for some bigger thing to evolve. It’s not going to happen. This is just the way it is. And I’m so tired of people telling you to keep dating and keep waiting for that all-hallowed match. Don’t settle. Don’t be scared. Don’t be shy. Know what I think? Be whatever you want to be. Do whatever you want to do. If you want to settle – settle! If you don’t want to settle, be prepared for a life potentially alone. Because to be completely honest and completely bitter…the ride on the way to meeting somebody great is a soul-sucking, exhausting, anti-adventure that only the foolish will follow.

Okay, okay. I realize this is all a little pessimistic for my newfound enlightenment, but today I am mad. I am mad because I managed to reconnect with somebody to only have 2 weeks and 3 failed date attempts later him decide the universe didn’t want us together. The universe? You bailed because you were tired, grumpy and ditched me for better plans. So, in the end he wanted to cut our losses while we were ahead (Ahem..our) because though he wanted to go out, he just didn’t believe it was meant to be. Let’s be honest about why, because the universe is intervening or your selfish nature is? Either way, in the end he said he wanted to end with no hard feelings and on good terms – smiley face. My answer? I think good terms may be a bit of an overstatement.

Sure, I’m as rational as the rest of them and have realized holding out for something to work out is like waiting for a third limb to grow out of my ass, but don’t try to feed me bullshit and tell me it tastes good. You get out of life the effort you put into it…or so they say. That in itself may not even be true. Just realize you will have good days and bad and sometimes life just ain’t fair. People ain’t fair. Timing ain’t fair. Circumstance ain’t fair. Maybe there is no bigger meaning to it all. Just surviving can be your indicator for success, well that and maybe managing to leave some ice cream in the damn container.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. – Albert Einstein

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Google Was First


BirthdayHoly meatballs Batman. Google personalized the Google homepage for me. But, the thing is…of course they didn’t. Not every Tom, Dick & Harry’s Google Page has a picture of cupcakes & sparklers, and definitely not everybody’s is wishing them a personalized Happy Birthday when they hover over it.

So, is this incredibly cool, or incredibly creepy? I for one think that a personalized Google page at the stroke of midnight is a bit big brotherish, even for little old me who uses social media like utensils. This information is either stored on my computer, or they are accessing it through my Gmail. Wait, let me check. Yes, yes it only works when I’m signed into my all-knowing email account.

In a weird way, that makes me feel a tiny bit better. The interweb is only accessing my personal information as long as I’m live signed-in to their sister site. It makes me feel just a wee bit safer to think that the URL or the computer itself doesn’t have a better memory than that of my brother, but still, the mere fact that technology can do this at all is downright eerie.

There is a commercial out right now talking about the next big technological advancement – palm hang ups, holograms or reading brain waves?  But, really, when you think about mini computers in eyeglasses and the entire being that is Stephen Hawking…well, we already have things that operate by eye glances alone. And I don’t mean a gold old-fashioned wink if you catch my drift.

Apparently I am one of the only ones who think it’s downright bone-chilling and a tad unsettling. This little lady thought it was the best thing since sliced bread http://www.pattiwilson.net/blog/google-gave-me-a-birthday-cake-today…but, now we know that modern-day bread isn’t good for you anyways, so perhaps modern-day technology isn’t always either.

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.                                                                                                                                                                                    – Albert Einstein

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And Your Number’s Up.



Why is 11:11 haunting me and what does it mean?

When you were a kid, did you make a wish every time you saw 11:11 on a clock?  I sure did.  The very simple phrase, “11:11, make a wish” has come out of my mouth for a good 30 years.  But, like a jinxsies, it wasn’t all that often and was just a cute little stop sign in your altogether busy today to take a minute and enjoy the moment with whoever you were with…or wish you were with.  Aha.

But lately….lllaaattteeely…this is more than a once in a blue moon occurrence.  This is more than a here and there, once every 6 months, or in the company of other’s kind of occurrence.  It is a weekly, if not daily, if not twice daily happening that is frankly starting to creep me out.  It is eerie and abnormal and in some ways I want it to stop, but in other ways I’m not sure it should.

You see, the thing is, 11:11 is a global phenomenon.  Ancient philosophers and the Bible alike put importance on this number, as do new age spiritual followers and even psychics.  I never thought much of it, until a friend mentioned to me that it had been following her around.  She realized that it meant something more than meets the eye and knowing I’m a bit of an open-minded soul, directed it my way.  Well, she seemed to have opened some sort of cosmic Pandora’s box, because whatever was on her shoulder has most definitely moved on to mine.

I joke that it’s the same old personal perception phenomenon that we all experience now and again.  Buy a new car, everyone has the same car.  Visit a city, and suddenly the city is in every TV show and song you hear. Try a new restaurant and everyone else has too.  It is the mere fact that something happened in your life and therefore you notice what you never noticed before. I told her that I would start looking for the number 9:08 and since then have not seen it even once, but 11:11? Don’t even get me started. This is different, this is constant, this is unplanned and this is unnatural.  I keep thinking that if I plan to try to see it, then I will twice a day every day, but I don’t.  I’m starting to think this isn’t my plan at all.

Apparently seeing 11:11 can be life’s little way of telling you to open your eyes.  Spiritual guardians have a watch on you and a change is coming. Some believe it is a divine opening, or a snapshot in life; a rift in time and space where all is suspended and in that moment you can insert an alternate reality into your future.  I already live in unreality half the time, so for me and my good friend…well, this means a whole hell of a lot of time not living in the real world.

More seriously though, after months of this, a major change did come for her.  And sadly, not necessarily a good one, but it most definitely caused her to open her eyes and evaluate her life.  I have also had a change recently, I started a new job, but in some ways it is counter-productive to the bigger personal journey I had already begun. I have been in transition and have come to realize that the person I am and the person I thought I was meant to be aren’t necessarily one and the same. What is still coming, only time will tell.  Something tells me I’m into something strange.  But, something also tells me I’m not alone.  And that in itself is strange, even if only for that one minute.

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Time is only an illusion. – Albert Einstein

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The Book of Morons



Recently I went to see The Book of Mormon.  I knew it was a comedy, a parody, a satire, but Lord knows that I had no idea it was from the Creators of South Park. Pretty quickly I learned that it was by faaarr more irreverent than even I realized.

The funny thing is, despite how over the top ridiculous the plot was – there is a real message deep within.

So, before we get to that message, let’s talk a little about the actual Book of Mormon.  As I watched the musical I assumed that much of this must have been exaggerated and dramatized for the plot and humour.  But no, The Church of Latter Day Saints was really started by a man in the 1800’s who had a vision from God, a visit from an angel, supposedly found hidden golden plates and believed that reformed Egyptians moved to the Americas and were introduced to Jesus shortly after his resurrection.


For educated folk, it sounds farcical and nonsensical, but then again – doesn’t all religion?  I mean, Scientology was begun by a Science Fiction writer in 1952 and believes that we are immortal beings who have forgotten our roots and must pay massive sums to remember them, and let’s not forget, (aliens live in caves).

Deep down, when you think long and hard and learn the origin stories of all religions – do any of them really make any sense? I have had the very rare pleasure (or curse) of learning both sides.  Growing up Dutch Christian reformed, I was a blink away from Mennonite and had many of those “spooky hell dreams” as the creators of South Park so humoursly put it.  I believed in fire and brimstone, I believed in the afterlife and I believed in always doing your best and being your best.  However, after spending years trying to accept others – me and my family were rejected by our church.  Go figure – the term Christianity actually means “to be a decent and generous human being following in the ways of Christ” and my Christian teachers ostracized my family for being too different.  I guess like Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing, they only meant certain people, people like them.

You told me everyone was alike and deserved a fair break. But you meant everyone who was like you.

I decided to take a very different stance on things as I aged, in University I minored in Classical Civilizations.  One of the classes that forever left its mark was Ancient religions…a very in-depth and eye-opening look at the origins of religion.  Believe it or not, many pagan religions came first; many female-based, withcraft-based and poligod religions existed long before we had ever heard of Jesus Christ.  He was most likely a real person, a martyr, a crusader, but all along – man has had some say in how this all played out.  Government wanted to control the masses, only educated men could read or translate the Bible and why do you think so many versions exist?  Because each ruler wanted their own version of the word of God. Might as well be called “the word of the King”.  And know what?  People bought it.  The question is why…or maybe more appropriately, why not?

Deep down…people want something to follow. Why do you think we have so many Parrotheads, Deadheads, Beliebers, Hell’s Angels or Hulkamaniacs?  People want to be part of something bigger; a deeper meaning, a larger idea, a better future, or a meaningful past.  Believe something hard enough and sure enough, somebody will believe it with you.

Does this make it all bad?  No, no it doesn’t.  It doesn’t make it all true either.  It’s up to each and every one of us to decide how much we are willing to think for ourselves and how much we are willing to believe as gospel.  There is a morsel of truth in most stories, but there is a mountain of ego too.  Even though the characters in my musical realized that in the end there is no difference between the Book of Mormon and the Book of Arnold; what they also realized is that people are searching for an idea.  So many things in life are a metaphor and if people have a common belief, they have a common purpose.  Like Elder Price said, “No, No, No…it doesn’t matter if the stories are true or not! That’s not the point!”  People became harmonized, happy and hopeful.  Isn’t that the point?  For a girl whose religion is pretty much Disney world…it was almost like…Orlando….

“For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.” ― Albert Einstein

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