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Is Beauty Perfection, or just Definition…


Do you ever feel imperfect?  Your abs are a keg, your hair is a cyclone, and your skin looks like a connect the dots? Trust, me, you aren’t alone.  Even those paid to be perfect are imperfect – the forced weight loss, cosmetic surgery, and botched liposuction are proof of this. Mickey Rourke is unrecognizable, Tara Reid’s stomach is from a horror movie, and even Kathy Ireland is now sporting a bonafide gut.

This is a flashback to that moment 8 years ago when I was the skinniest of my adult life, had perky boobs, silky hair and didn’t realize that the freckly girl I saw in the mirror may not actually be who still stared back…I want to say thank you to my old co-worker who got me drunk  and said, “are you blind, you are HOT”.

So for all those times you feel imperfect, remember you are unbelieveably, unremarkably not uniqBeauty-is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder-and-it-may-be-necessary-from-time-to-time-to-give-a-stupid-or-misinformed-beholder-a-black-eye.ue in this. You are far less unspecial then you make yourself out to be, in fact, you are just like everybody else. Maybe some hide it better, maybe some days are worse, but nobody is perfect…perfectly flawed perhaps.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes the beholder just isn’t you…and thank god for that.

Am I faithful, am I strong, am I good enough to belong? In your reverie of a perfect girl? – Sarah MacLachlan

The Ginga Ninja

I Coulda been Somebody, I Coulda been a Contender


On_the_Waterfront_posterI have a friend who tells me I’m really bad with perspective because I compare.  The funny thing is the other day she also said the same of herself.  I walk around and say “most people are…” or “I should be…” which in all reality makes no sense for me because I commonly break all these rules anyways.  You should date people you’re own age, you should settle down and get a respectable job after school; you should stay at home to save money.  Maybe I say these things because deep down my good little girl inner-child who (secretly) wants to please my parents and play with the good kids believes them…yet… I never ever actually do these things.  Does this instead just make me a contemplating badass?  A rebel with a cause?

I know that normal doesn’t exist.  In fact, as mentioned already, I heard that normal people are only people you don’t know yet.  I have enough experience and baggage to know life isn’t always easy.  I also fought damn hard to get others to accept the things I was finally accepting about myself.  I’m perfectly flawed and I know it.  Imperfectly balanced you might even say.  I have finally accepted that certain quirks and traits aren’t going away no matter how much I want them too or how much I try…no matter how much I sometimes wish I could pull some magic movie stunt and live someone else’s life for awhile just to see how it feels.

But, I guess even in that scenario I would still want to be me…you know, be aware that I’m now somebody else…which makes no sense at all.  In fact, in all the switcheroo movies I could think of, there is no plot that evolves this way…well, because it’s impossible.  Freaky Friday, Big, The Change Up, 17 Again…these characters merely swap bodies or have the wrong-aged mind in a different-aged body.

So, I guess I’m actually not that great at comparing after all, as I even when trying to come up with a good movie comparison, I can’t.

If that were the case I might swap my body for the one I had at 25, or maybe spend a day in one of Hefner’s Playboy Bunnies, but who are we kidding.  For as many things that I wish weren’t parts of me, there are just as many that I am happy that are.  I have to hope that those who love me – love me for the good…and not-so good traits too.  So for anybody that gets a little too competitive at Jeopardy, is obsessed with finding the best sugarless chocolate, puts the toilet paper roll on backwards, uses Kleenex to the bitter end, or thinks too much about what they should be doing instead of what they actually do…remember that should be doing and actually doing are 2 very different things and both are probably wrong…because frankly, no right exists.

Like the famous Marlon Brando scene in “On the Waterfront” there are people out there with expectations of how they could or should act, or in this case who they could or should be.  His character states, “You don’t understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it.”

Coulda, woulda, shoulda…..maybe some people really believe they can go back and undo things to make it different….me, I just believe that maybe as far as society goes there are things I “should” do….(and unfortunately may always reference them when I believe I’ve taken a gamble outside the secure and successful), but…I won’t.

Because frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn – Rhett Butler.  images

The Ginga Ninja

Edit, Edit and Edit Some More


perfectly flawed, redSo, I don’t post this badboy on my facebook, I don’t send it around to my contact list and I don’t tweet the heck out of it (btw, if you want to share with your friends, feel more than free), but I do still look at tips and tricks to increase SEO. For the less tech-saavy, this means Search Engine Optimization.

I knoooww….why would I care about getting more readers when I don’t publicize this?  Well, I guess the key is; I want to share this with readers I don’t actually know.  I, pure and simple, want to share my musings with people who will appreciate the topics, the quality of the words, or maybe even relate a time or two.

However, the first thing that WordPress tells you to do on your blog is edit, edit and edit some more.  And you know what?  I truly think I do!  I read, re-read, read again, edit again and more often than not, have written a post long before it makes it to screen. So, it gets even better….not only am I an anal perfectionist with a knack for the written word, but I’m in a communications field.  I actually have to proof and copywrite as part of my career – I have done it in my full-time gig and I have even freelanced, and yet, tonight of all nights…I caught a cardinal sin.

I wrote THERE when I meant THEIR.  OMG, if I have to list a top pet-peeve, it without a doubt, would be people who cannot differenciate homophones.  Oh, and incessant honkers. You know the ones, the ones that either honk 14 times in a row thinking you didn’t hear them the first time as you sit at the red light, or the one who leans on it as though they just had a stroke over the wheel.  I know you know, but this is all besides the point.

Back to the point, yes people, they are called homophones, not homonyms and don’t mistake this word with homophobes.  Fact of the day.  Either way, isn’t it annoying when you read an email and a person just ain’t no good at the differentials of their them there they’res and you’re hating how the yours of yore are misused?  Jiminy Cricket, thems confusing homophones.  But, seriously, I used the wrong THERE? Mmmmeeeeeeee??

It seems that no matter how many times I read, proof, read again and proof some more, I always find some new little error – some misplaced period, an inconsistent comma, a word missing, or a misspelling by one letter (but it still made a real word so Microsoft Word didn’t catch it…you know what I’m talking about).  Is that simply the life of a perfectionist?  Is no task ever really done… or are we all a little half-assed all the time and no matter how hard we try our life will be filled with errors?

So this got me thinking, is this a hidden lesson of life?  I am flawed, therefore things I produce may be too?  Do you know anybody who is perfect?  I sure as hell don’t…and when it comes to creative projects, I’m pretty damn close.  But, I guess next time I’ll just try a little harder, look a little closer, rely on more help and…..if I STILL mess up, I guess I’ll just keep editing.  I mean, deep down…isn’t that the crux of life?

No matter what happens….you just keep editing.  There is no delete button, magic eraser or white-out to hide the problem, you just need to keep rewriting the story because it will never be complete and it will never be perfect.

So, readers, should you find a misspelled word, backward letter, or an incorrect usage of homophones…judge me, please judge me (I would judge you).  Just don’t rule me out for my mistakes because like me, you might be surprised when you make them too.marking papers, red

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”          – Salvador Dali

The Ginga Ninja