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There Goes the Neighbourhood…


So, no matter what country, city, or abode you live in…there are little things that start to make your neighbourhood...your neighbourhood.  Good and bad, crazy or carefree…after a certain amount of time your neighbourhood does become just that.  And this truly does go for ANYWHERE on earth – from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to Khao San Road in Bangkok…some things just start to stick.

I have been in my new pad for around 4 months and I can say that there are already things that I think of with smirk-inducing fondness. We have the worst McDonalds on earth, Mr. Sub around the corner, the toothless Aisan man running the local convenience store, a streetcar within throwing distance for those drunken stumbly nights home…there is always something you begin to connect with and even things you might wish weren’t there, but are all actually part of your new reality.

I for one love all my neighbourhood cats.  There is Scotty Ted, the wide-eyed orange kitten next door who pees in flower pots, perches on my windowsill and scares the bajeezes out of me nightly.  Another favourite is Tom Selleck, a local Oreo-coloured cat who has a white mustache so bushy, I could only think to nickname him after the mustache-master himself, Tom Selleck.  Then there is Tim Selleck, a smaller, shyer, dirtier black and white cat I originally mistook for Tom, so I feel like those of you with a fourth grade education may figure that one out…. Lastly, there is the crazy cat house on the corner that has had no less than 2 and anywhere up to 6 cats (and sometimes a dog) sleeping on the front porch at all times. No, seriously. I find myself inclined to knock on the door one day and ask them just how close to legitimate animal hoarders they really are.

This is not to say all things here are perfect.  For instance, had I known there was an abandoned apartment complex or a halfway house at the end of my street, as a single girl I maaayyy have reconsidered this move, but thus far there seems to be no threat or immediate danger.  I joke that one intersection to my right is one of the newest and richest neighbourhoods in the city, and one interesection to my left is the “all welfare all the time” lucky jackpot corner.  I like to think that I’m right in between the rich and the crazy, sadly enough, probably exactly where I belong!

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself. – Maya Angelou

The Ginga Ninja

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Crazy Cat Ladies…


So, there are cat people and there are dog people…or that third type of person who doesn’t like animals at all.  I pity them.  Then again, with two cats at the age of 30, they probably pity me.  As a single woman with cats, it gets pprreettyy hard to escape the old adage of old maid, crazy cat lady, single white female….the list goes on and on.  It doesn’t matter that I have had one of these cats since 17, or they were both adopted into a family (not a single woman’s tiny apartment), or that one was saved from being put down….two cats + 1 woman + no ring on that finger = spinster.

Anyways, there are those that embrace the life and choose their “babies” over relationships or kids, and then there are those (like moi) who fight the stereotype. They refuse that third cat (no matter how cute) and are very careful to avoid all cat paraphenelia, pictures, clothing, or statuettes.  Though a cute set of salt & pepper shakers could never hurt.

And so this brings me to the most important part of this rant….an homage to the crazy cat ladies of our time!  You have my love and support, I get it.  Just be sure not to go over the count of 12 because that will officially term you an animal hoarder.  Seriously.

  • Eleanor Abernathy (Crazy Cat Lady, The Simpsons)
  • Cat Woman (Batman)
  • The Black Cat (Spiderman)
  • Angela Martin (The Office)
  • The Cat Lady (A Clockwork Orange)
  • Jocelyn Wildenstein (Woman who has had plastic surgery to look like a cat)
  • My brother’s crazy neighbour Anne-Marie

So, this posting goes out to my girl Titi who finally got her condo and just adopted two adult cats in need of a home.  You deserve my never-ending admiration.

The Ginga Ninja

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