It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back….so shake him off.

There isn’t alot to say on what is a somewhat anonymous blog, except for that I’m working hard to love my friends, my family, my life, and myself.  I’m a classic over-achiever, good at alot and not great at much.  A Virgo to the “T” and can be seen as analytic, persuasive, sensitive, receptive, and reflective. Sometimes getting myself in trouble and creating a wall between reality and expectation, I do find that my creativity, keen memory, and desire to please others can make or break what I perceive as success and failure. But, that’s life, right?  Learn from every mistake, grow from every obstacle…there is no right or wrong and I’m battling everyday to see the beauty in everything and everyone.

I’ve always felt a strange kinship and sadness to the passing of summer and onset of fall, but surprisingly (just found that out) that is actually normal for us Virgos.  I can’t say I’ve ever followed astrology closely, but there is a little piece of truth in everything that has ever stood the test of time.

I love sports, art, music, trivia…and my insane love of mixed playlists, doodling, movie stats and animals are usually what make people keep coming back to me and my personal crazies.

But, life and love are complicated, awful and wonderful at the same time…and if you can take a second to assess everyday situations with a bit of humility and humour, maybe it will all work out in the end.


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