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Learn from your Success, Live for your Failure


Fail BetterTry, try and try again. That’s what they say, right? Get back up on that horse. Climb every mountain? But, seriously when is enough, enough.

Well, in dating, at least casual dating… it doesn’t take much. One unanswered text can equal the end of something new and promising. And why? Well, because somebody hotter or funnier messaged or maybe a drink or two led to an inevitable makeout at the bar. Hell, maybe it was as simple as a bad day at work or the dislike of parking garages. We all want something until the moment it is inconvenient to us. Inconvenience is inconvenient, to put it in the simplest of terms. Maybe I can get even simpler – a pain in the arse.

But, when you think back to a lot of good things in your life, weren’t some of the most memorable ones awfully inconvenient? Your condo taking three times as long as it should, chipping away at a person to finally gain a friend, or maybe even continuing to ask the elusive one who rejected you out. I always wondered what those people must feel. How do they not get down? How do they keep getting up in the face of rejection, frustration and adversity to not feel bad about themselves, unworthy, unwanted, unwarranted. Well, the last one doesn’t make sense – but for most of us, pride is a nasty sin.

If something is hard, move on right? Wrong. Sometimes.

Most of the people who have ever become successes in their life failed and failed again. Happily married couples. Multi-millionaires. John Travolta. But, it was the trying again that got them where they were. So, I’ve been encouraged to (and have been trying to) make some mistakes. Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?

As children we are taught not to talk to strangers, not to run into the street, not to play with fire. But, as we get older, always staying safe can prevent us from experiencing all that life has to offer.  If you never take risks, you don’t really get a chance to live at all. And what’s the fun in that? – The Carrie Diaries

The Ginga Ninja

Who wins the Human Race?


20120223-024mI haven’t been blogging as much lately because well, I haven’t been writing as much lately. And, to be honest, even if I were…I wouldn’t have time to post. So, yesterday I started mentally formulating a post about being too busy to post, but as I was too busy to write it down, I’m stuck with this one.

I have spent days, months, weeks, even years being (too) busy. It was a feeling that I was used to. I could insert some cliché statement here, like Idle Hands are the Devil’s Work or You can sleep when you’re dead, but what I have learned recently is that busy doesn’t make you important. Productive doesn’t make you successful. And being organized doesn’t always make you happy. Somewhere in the past few years I learned there was a whole different version of life out there. One where you weren’t always dreaming of that someday when you’re life reaalllyy started and you weren’t filling your hours with things that you (might not) have time to do when your “real life” finally began.

I have learned now that being less busy is underrated. Less busy people take more time to complete their tasks at hand, most likely have more time to do the things they enjoy, and can pick and choose what task to tackle that day, not make a to-do list a mile long about all the things that they are neglecting. Well, lately, trust me, I’ve been neglecting a lot of things. I feel like I’ve taken on a million and one projects, all of which are suddenly being done a little half-assed, because frankly I have no time to do them whole-assed (seriously, who came up with that term).

This led me to the inevitable decision that something has got to give, because dammit I have learned that productive and happy aren’t always one and the same. My hardworking Dutch grandparents may have felt otherwise, but this girl? This girl likes naps, and books, and painting and watching classic movies.  When you are trying to toss in an additional 40+ hours a month of work over top of your existing load, well, you hit a cracking point pretty quickly. Particularly if you have learned that the best version of you may live somewhere between introvert and extrovert, flexible and stubborn, and successful…even with a little less success. If being busy is being successful, I’ll take failure any day.


Look at us, running around, always rushed, always late, I guess that’s why they call it the human race. But, sometimes it slows down just enough for all the pieces to fall into place. Fate works its magic and you are connected. Every once in awhile, in all the randomness – something unexpected happens and it pushes us all forward. The truth is…what I’m starting to think, what I’m starting to feel, is maybe the human race isn’t a race at all.  – The Switch