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What came first…Chicken or The Egg?


Lack of sleep and anxiety…anxiety and lack of sleep?  I like to think of this lovely little combo as a cursed chicken and egg scenario…which comes first?

Have you ever noticed the vicious cycle that evolves when you can’t control these fundamentally mood and perspective-changing aspects of life?

If you are stressed, you think too much and lead yourself down that road of anxiety…which in turn leads to sleepless nights, over-thinking, and eventually physical exhaustion.  However, if you aren’t sleeping well, this in turn leads to physical exhaustion and eventually stress.  Go figure.  And lastly, if you catch an ailment, this generally also leads to insomnia and eventually over-thinking.  You can’t fall asleep, can’t feel better, and can’t turn off that darn brain.

So, I guess for those people who have never felt this snowball effect, thank your lucky stars that you are a sound sleeper and a chilled out Zen persona.  For those who perpetually feel this way (my brother, my father, my friends, at times myself)…I feel for ya, I really do.  I guess the key is to take your vitamins, drink your water, go to bed early and hope that when you feel physically your best you stay on top of your crazies.  And when you are stressed, you take care of yourself.

Good luck with the battle, for all those who say “You can sleep when you are dead”… wweeellll, if you can’t sleep…then sometimes you wish you were…

The Ginga Ninja