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How Many Cookies is Too Many Cookies?


1fe593d84295afd171c0893021d56aaaSo, I’m a bad dieter.  I can find activity, I can minimize my portions, I can council friends, but ask me to cut a food out and you better keep an eye on that straight unbroken nose of yours.

I’ve honestly always believed in moderation.  In fact, Moderation could be my middle name.  It’s not, in case you are wondering, but it could be.

I once had a friend say “I don’t understand how you aren’t fat.  You have cookies, chips and ice cream in the house and yet you aren’t fat”.  Well, the thing ya see, is that I grew up with all those things in the house…and three older brothers.  Believe it or not, when chips, cookies and ice cream are there whenever you want them…you don’t actually tend to want them that often.

But, even I need to admit that four Girl Guide mint patties and three heaping spoonfuls of chocolate chunk cookie dough may be overdoing it.  I guess my new middle name could be Cookie Monster.

So, for my girls who just can’t seem to get on top of those extra pounds and your willpower gets the better of you, just remember, it happens to the best of us.

(In case you didn’t catch that…aka me).

The Ginga Ninja

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