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James Van Der Badass


What happens when you finally show the bad version of yourself to others?  Do they accept you, do they cherish you, do they support you?  Or do they raise your biggest fear as their new fear.  Your new worry becomes their worry that you worry.

Life can be complicated. You are told to be yourself and then yourself isn’t good enough either.  So, if you can’t please others and you can’t please yourself, is the new motto “Fuck em”?james-van-der-beek-profile

So, like James VanderBeek playing himself on The B in Apartment 23 (as previously having played Dawson Leary on Dawson’s Creek) says, “I don’t need those guys.  It wasn’t Pacey, Jenn and Joey’s Creek!”

That’s right James.  It was Dawon’s Creek. You tell em.

The Ginga Ninja