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Dude. You’re slacking on your blog.


So, to anybody still reading this badboy, this morning I woke up to this text. And the thing is, I knew. I already knew.

For the past week or so, the thought of (I should really post) has been lingering in the back of this brain, and yet so many other things took my time. And have, for weeks, even months now. The overtime of work (3 hours on my vacation day just last week), my social media commitments, my boyfriend, my ailing cat, my incessantly dirty home (anybody know an affordable housekeeper) and a destination wedding have all deemed more important. Yes bride, I’m talking to you.

Yesterday, if I’m truly honest, I had an open day and didn’t know what to do. I napped. I cuddled my cats. I watched YouTube videos. I cleaned my shower. So, could I have written up a little post, or at least aired an old one? Sure I could have, but instead thought, I doubt anybody is reading this anymore anyway. I purposely avoided doing it because I thought maybe at this point I was only doing it for me, not for any of you. Maybe my need to brain dump isn’t as strong or my efforts to get famous for my witty (non-promoted) writing has lessened.

Either way, I thought…if my urge to write hasn’t been there, then why. Like most things in life…there it is, the ever-impending, back of our mind, does-it-really-matter question…why?

Well, my friend is bored at work, so I guess that’s why. And though I fully promote doing things just for yourself…singing, poor guitar playing (or just a pretty guitar decoration these days), slowly reading, building the best Simpsons town the world has ever seen, yoga, stretching, updating your resume, proofreading, answering weekend texts from co-workers, networking, mulling over egg freezing, mulling over investments, needing to do your taxes…even though you need to do all these things for yourself and maybe, just maybe they trump your “just-for-fun” writing, maybe deep deep down the things you do don’t just affect you, maybe, just mmmaaayyybbee somebody, somewhere is actually touched by what we do. And that in itself, is touching.

If your light is on at 2 am and even one person comes to check if you’re okay…then you’re okay. Tess, Suburgatory

The Ginga Ninja


Caught in a Life Triangle


redhead, love triangle, archieHow many times has broken telephone stepped in to complicate your life?  He said that she said that her sister’s mother’s friend’s babysitter’s cat saw you talking to your neighbour’s teacher’s principle’s daughter and heard that you said…..And then somehow gossip starts, accusations fly and you are caught in the middle of a crossfire of words.  Every innocent thing you said or open-minded thought you had gets twisted and you are meant to defend your opinion, or worse yet, defend your defense of a situation, conversation, or person.  I guess they say Defense is the best Offence. I don’t think they have a clue.

I try really hard to play devil’s advocate when I can.  Everybody has a side, a heart, a story and a point of view.  Every single situation needs a grain of salt to measure it.  Wouldn’t I love to be an ant on the wall when things went down in the first place – sure, but history, hurt feelings and ultimately egos get involved and suddenly you are caught in a triangle.  Whether with an old friend, an arch nemesis, a new romance, or a family member…when your name gets pulled into something, there is nowhere to run from the war of words.

Now, don’t even get me started on Love Triangles.  Most people have never successfully avoided them – no matter how minor.  Somebody’s boyfriend flirts with their friend, somebody lies, somebody hides, somebody cowers and somebody yearns. Without them we would’t have such wonderful films as Something Borrowed, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Made of Honor, Bridget Jones Diary...or an actual good movie, Legends of the Fall.  I seem to somehow be that girl that attracts boys in almost-dead relationships.  I don’t step outside of the lines once I’m aware of what’s going on, but either I have “she’s a friendly soul, bare your heart to her” or “good in bed” stamped on my forehead, because let me tell you… I attract em like flies.  And if I’m completely honest, I’ve had a friends’ ex or two come to me after the fact to say they always liked me and were too scared to admit it.  Thankfully I have the good sense to say no thank you kind sir, but often the mere fact that it came out causes a new and awful moral dilemma. To tell or not to tell?  And all these things? Frankly, make me feel sick.

I don’t like drama, I don’t like having to defend myself, my actions, or my beliefs and I definitely don’t like the awkward position that two people’s history can put other people in.  My advice?  Don’t be a devil’s advocate in a world full of individual lives – people look out for themselves and not all people like looking at all sides.  One side suits them just fine.  But, being too passionate about any one topic will see you get in almost as much trouble; maybe you just feel more passionate about that wall you are leaning on.  I guess the only way to avoid this is to avoid people, avoid feelings, avoid circumstance, avoid speaking and become a fingerless mute who can neither say, (nor text) anything that could ever get them in trouble. I’ll work on that because no matter who is right and who is wrong…there are usually shades of grey somewhere in there between those solid colours of black and white.

The funny part of this is while I’m writing this post; I’m watching the all-time classic movie Grease and sitting riveted as all those triangles unfold.  If only Danny admitted to the guys he cared about the girl and didn’t “summer love” her on the beach…all would have been fine.  He wouldn’t act non-nonchalant in front of her at the bonfire, she wouldn’t date the dumb jock, he wouldn’t join the track team, Cha Cha wouldn’t be a problem and don’t even get me started on Kenickie and Rizzo.  But, then again…had all these triangles and misinterpreted events NOT occurred, there would be no plot.  No Summer Lovin, no scenes under the stars, we wouldn’t learn the hand jive and we definitely would never get the dictionary updated with “shoo bop shoo wada wada yippity boom da boom”.

So.  Did I just teach myself a lesson?  Each time life hands you lemons, grab the tequila, because goddammit, alcohol helps you through drama. Oops, wait, that’s another lesson.

There is no avoidance of being involved from time to time in petty misunderstandings and relationships woes.  Want to know why?  Because then you would be perfect.  And I don’t know about you my friend, but I’m only perfectly flawed.

Gossip is the Devil’s Radio – George Harrison

The Ginga Ninja

Sick of Being Tired and Tired of Being Sick


I am currently sick, sick as a dog so they say.  I’m pretty sure Charles Darwin is laughing right about now in his little monkey-filled hell over this tiny theory he liked to call “evolution”.  Well, us gingers know what survival of the fittest means…trust me, we get it. We get sicker, we get crazier, and we are going straight up – extinct.

Either way, I am currently laying in bed with a heated wheatbag on one side, soup on the other, a mountain of Kleenex (the real name brand kind), a scented candle, and my trusty TV remote….oh….and computer.  Let’s not forget the hallowed computer. This month has rocked my world, and more particularly my body.  Maybe it’s a reminder I’m not invincible….maybe it’s a reminder that I’m genetically deficient, or maybe it’s the universe giving me what I sort of wanted in a sick and twisted way.  I did want to lose a little weight…

Anyways, if you have ever witnessed a dog getting sick, I guess that’s where the saying came from.  Apparently it was first cited in 1705 and the theory is that the dog, being closest to humans was the animal most often witnessed getting sick.  I guess the author didn’t own a long-haired cat.

If I had to rewrite history and overrule the saying, I guess I would go with sick as a hungover sorority girl, or better yet, sick as a ginger.

It’s no longer a question of staying healthy, it’s a question of finding an illness you like. – Jackie Mason

The Ginga Ninja

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What a Difference a Day Makes


It seems so impossible that you can be so down one day… and so up the next.  I think everyone hopes for that magical day where they are just content all the time.  Isn’t that what your over-achieving parents told you?  Mine certainly did.  You have achieved all you wanted to achieve, worked hard all your life, and poof, you are ultimately content with the life you have created.

So, it still surprises me that I am surprised when I can have a really good day following a bad.

But, things change…we may not want them to, but things change.  And frankly, life does not work this way.  Whoever told you this was creating an unrealistic dream and whoever believed this was a sucker.  Hello, pleased to meet you…my name is Sucker.

But if life were always simple and working hard ultimately meant that everything worked out…where would stories for books, screenplays for movies, and lyrics for songs come from?  Somebody needed to have a good day, a bad one, a good love, a bad one, or ultimately an amazing or awful experience in order to gain that inspiration.

So, as I get older I try harder and harder to understand that I am me. With me comes some good and some bad. And me is probably just like everybody else…just a little bit more worrisome about what those bad days mean and maybe a bit more hopeful about the good ones.  But, everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY…Britney Spears, Prince Charles, Michael Phelps, even good old Robert Pattison have good days and bad.  When you are a famous, good-looking multi-millionaire at 26 – who knew you didn’t shit gold all the time?  If you have a rough sleep, get in a car accident, or have to mourn the passing of a pet…even the happiest of happy people can have a day where they just want to stay in bed forever.

As I sit in a beautiful backyard watching a waterfall, staring at lilies, listening to music, and watching two little puppies play, the desire to sleep forever and call it quits on hoping for everything I ever wanted seem so far away.

So, like Izzy in Grey’s Anatomy…you usually don’t understand the difference a day can make until you living it.

You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day. Not until it’s happening. You don’t recognize the biggest day of your life, not until you’re right in the middle of it. The day you commit to something or someone. The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soul mate day.  The day you realize there’s not enough time, because you wanna live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days.

So, don’t be like me…aspire instead to be like a good friend of mine.  She doesn’t overthink the bad days…just has em.  Maybe her mom was a realist, who knows…but realize that just because you are cranky and depressed and the sky looks like an old black and white photo today…doesn’t mean this day will be your every day.

The Ginga Ninja