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It’s good to be bad


There are times I think about writing. And I don’t just mean the concept of what is writing, I mean…sitting down and actually writing. Unfortunately, usually early in the morning or late, late at night (which is still technically early in the morning) are those times. And well, full-time jobs and sleep requirements and all that jazz prevent me from getting up and writing in the moment I have ideas, probably good ideas. Not like now.

So, sometimes I don’t write. And I don’t really know why. I don’t think it’s that I have writer’s block per say; it’s not as though I sit down and nothing comes out. Just lately, I don’t sit down. I just don’t sit down to do it and odder still, I don’t feel a void when I don’t.

Sadly, the moments I write the most, are when I’m the most sad. Sadness, confusion, introspection, jealousy, uncertainty…these are the things that drive those words. And art. And literature. And entertainment. And almost anything good or meaningful that ever came out of this life.

If you look back in time, many of the most talented, creative, artistic sons o’bitches out there were riddled with issues. Depression, anxiety and straight-up being stuck in those heads tends to be what leads to the best art. And that in itself is terrible. The people who make our joy seldom experience it. The everyday people, maybe those are the people living life, but not driving it forward. The socially awkward, societally-shunned geniuses and the drug-raddled, insomniatic depressives are the ones that add the je ne sais quoi to our world. And what they provide is what makes everybody else’s life better, but not necessarily their own.

This is a conversation that has come up a lot lately. As my creative friend risked it all to start a new business, and yet another artistic mastermind took their own life, and well, I just creep other people’s perfect profiles with envy like a modern day peeping tom….Often the best results in our life are driven by the worst times. And the best times result in the worst outputs.

So, though this may not be the best thing I’ve ever written, maybe that’s good. Maybe it’s good to be good, and great to be great, but state of mind and quality of work may not always be one in the same. So maybe sometimes it’s good to be bad and bad to be good.

Some people are born mediocre ,some people achieve mediocrity, and some people have mediocrity thrust upon them.  –  Joseph Heller


Google Was First


BirthdayHoly meatballs Batman. Google personalized the Google homepage for me. But, the thing is…of course they didn’t. Not every Tom, Dick & Harry’s Google Page has a picture of cupcakes & sparklers, and definitely not everybody’s is wishing them a personalized Happy Birthday when they hover over it.

So, is this incredibly cool, or incredibly creepy? I for one think that a personalized Google page at the stroke of midnight is a bit big brotherish, even for little old me who uses social media like utensils. This information is either stored on my computer, or they are accessing it through my Gmail. Wait, let me check. Yes, yes it only works when I’m signed into my all-knowing email account.

In a weird way, that makes me feel a tiny bit better. The interweb is only accessing my personal information as long as I’m live signed-in to their sister site. It makes me feel just a wee bit safer to think that the URL or the computer itself doesn’t have a better memory than that of my brother, but still, the mere fact that technology can do this at all is downright eerie.

There is a commercial out right now talking about the next big technological advancement – palm hang ups, holograms or reading brain waves?  But, really, when you think about mini computers in eyeglasses and the entire being that is Stephen Hawking…well, we already have things that operate by eye glances alone. And I don’t mean a gold old-fashioned wink if you catch my drift.

Apparently I am one of the only ones who think it’s downright bone-chilling and a tad unsettling. This little lady thought it was the best thing since sliced bread…but, now we know that modern-day bread isn’t good for you anyways, so perhaps modern-day technology isn’t always either.

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.                                                                                                                                                                                    – Albert Einstein

Albert-Einstein-and-Quotes-Gold-and-Red_art The Ginga Ninja