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Make me over



Do you ever look around and think you don’t do enough to keep yourself up? I mean, I’m surrounded by morning people. Well, honestly, as I leave later I’m probably surrounded by the exact oopppoosite of morning people, but once I get into the office my life choices are glaringly obvious. And, let me tell you, I am flawed.

So as I stare (glance?) at the girl doing her makeup on the subway and my first thought was, well at least I’m doing better than her…I mean, I did my makeup before I left. Sure, I left late, but I did it. But then, horrifically, I watched her. I watched her and watched her, then I watched some more, no really, for eons I watched only to realize I never put love into my makeup like that. Never ever. Ever. EVER.  Well, maybe prom, or my brother’s wedding. But, with a time commitment like that, no wonder she needs to do in on the subway! Take every minute you can get sweetheart. Take your 15 stops and cherish your ride, because with a routine like that it will never be long enough.

I mean, the painstaking love to put 2 shades lighter foundation on your entire face, and I mean entire, every, last, inch of chin and forehead up to the hairline covered…not to mention the darker Mac powder that then goes on top…all leading to the lightly brushed bronzer just glazing the cheekbones…. I mean, if it takes that much work to look exactly how you started (she had beauty skin), no wonder I don’t take care of myself. Me? I slap some concealer on the red spots and bobs your uncle, we call it a day.

So, look sunken the natural way, or put about 4 layers and 3 hours into your face to come out looking exactly the same….you tell me. Seriously though, photoshop is the key.

There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection  – James Salter

The Ginga Ninja




Who wins the Human Race?


20120223-024mI haven’t been blogging as much lately because well, I haven’t been writing as much lately. And, to be honest, even if I were…I wouldn’t have time to post. So, yesterday I started mentally formulating a post about being too busy to post, but as I was too busy to write it down, I’m stuck with this one.

I have spent days, months, weeks, even years being (too) busy. It was a feeling that I was used to. I could insert some cliché statement here, like Idle Hands are the Devil’s Work or You can sleep when you’re dead, but what I have learned recently is that busy doesn’t make you important. Productive doesn’t make you successful. And being organized doesn’t always make you happy. Somewhere in the past few years I learned there was a whole different version of life out there. One where you weren’t always dreaming of that someday when you’re life reaalllyy started and you weren’t filling your hours with things that you (might not) have time to do when your “real life” finally began.

I have learned now that being less busy is underrated. Less busy people take more time to complete their tasks at hand, most likely have more time to do the things they enjoy, and can pick and choose what task to tackle that day, not make a to-do list a mile long about all the things that they are neglecting. Well, lately, trust me, I’ve been neglecting a lot of things. I feel like I’ve taken on a million and one projects, all of which are suddenly being done a little half-assed, because frankly I have no time to do them whole-assed (seriously, who came up with that term).

This led me to the inevitable decision that something has got to give, because dammit I have learned that productive and happy aren’t always one and the same. My hardworking Dutch grandparents may have felt otherwise, but this girl? This girl likes naps, and books, and painting and watching classic movies.  When you are trying to toss in an additional 40+ hours a month of work over top of your existing load, well, you hit a cracking point pretty quickly. Particularly if you have learned that the best version of you may live somewhere between introvert and extrovert, flexible and stubborn, and successful…even with a little less success. If being busy is being successful, I’ll take failure any day.

Look at us, running around, always rushed, always late, I guess that’s why they call it the human race. But, sometimes it slows down just enough for all the pieces to fall into place. Fate works its magic and you are connected. Every once in awhile, in all the randomness – something unexpected happens and it pushes us all forward. The truth is…what I’m starting to think, what I’m starting to feel, is maybe the human race isn’t a race at all.  – The Switch




Procrastinating Procrastination


23Weekends are never long enough.  No, seriously, even when it’s a long weekend, there are just not enough hours in the day.  This is not to say I don’t like my job, or my part-time job, and I don’t even dread Monday mornings.  But, even when I’m not busy, I find I’m extremely busy doing very unimportant things.

Most of us find a way to fill our time quite well, depending on our needs of the moment.  For me, this little time-waster you are reading, organizing my music, playing guitar, painting, catching up on my ‘sodes, napping, errands, and pretending to clean… all seem to eat in that precious nothingness I was planning on doing.

It’s almost like I procrastinate procrastinating and actually find things to fill the time.  You would be amazed how easy it is to stay busy, particularly when you don’t even want to be.

Life is a constant give and take, ebb and flow, and unfortunately until I can afford a 4 day work week, my weekends are always going to be one day too short.

The Ginga Ninja


Can Unemployed Be Enjoyed?



Unemployment is a scary word. I mean, I’ve gone through periods where it was my choice (taking a month or two with family prior to or after living overseas), but the moment it stops being your choice….well, basically, you feel like you are failing.

Unemployed people are lazy, they are not as talented, or they are poor at Marketing their abilities, right?  Not always right. The world is many shades of grey, sometimes you need to look for eggshell before you find white or the charcoal before you hit black.  Sometimes EMPLOYED people can be lazy, less talented or poor at Marketing their abilities, but a friend of the family, or 20 years in a job keeps them in the green.  If you think really hard, often the brightest minds were the least stable and taking the most risks.

So, recently we met a group of people who never went to post-secondary school, only worked half the year and did door-to-door sales. I think our initial reaction was that these people were kind of lazy and didn’t have real jobs.  I mean, geeze man, grow up.  If you make such good money, why not work more and save up?  Well, let’s be honest, if you could only work 5 hours a day, 5 months a year and make enough to just dick around the rest of the time, wouldn’t you?

We’ve all had stressful jobs and chaotic periods of time where we would just like a break.  A break from work, from family obligation, from responsibilities and frankly from our life. When you get this much needed break, but it isn’t your choice, suddenly there is a perception of pity and worry around you.  But, sometimes a break gives you the perspective you need to figure out what really matters to you.

I know that shockingly, once I got over the first month of full-time unemployment, I stopped worrying.  I am probably going to be working for the next 35 years, so what’s 6 months off?  The market isn’t what it used to be and taking the wrong job can affect more than you think.  So, when you are working part-time and still have creative outlets, suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad.  I’m a diligent worker, but not a great 9-5er; my health suffers, I’m constantly running late and I am horrible at keeping work at work.  As it turns out, I am best when I am my own boss and make my own hours. I’ve needed to let go of the stigma that I am failing or not living “regular life” and figure out how the hell to create financial stability with my new found enlightenment.

Everybody is different and once we let go of the expectations of others, we can better understand the expectations of self. Not everybody is the same, so we need to remember what works for one may not work for another. I just know that with each new person I meet, my opinions change and each new experience I have, my expectations lower. My dad once said, figure out what you love and the money will come.  I like to think that reigns true for most things – so figure out the money and it leaves time for the things you love.

“I get it now; I didn’t get it then. That life is about losing and about doing it as gracefully as possible…and enjoying everything in between.” – Mia Farrow

The Ginga Ninja

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