Dude. You’re slacking on your blog.


So, to anybody still reading this badboy, this morning I woke up to this text. And the thing is, I knew. I already knew.

For the past week or so, the thought of (I should really post) has been lingering in the back of this brain, and yet so many other things took my time. And have, for weeks, even months now. The overtime of work (3 hours on my vacation day just last week), my social media commitments, my boyfriend, my ailing cat, my incessantly dirty home (anybody know an affordable housekeeper) and a destination wedding have all deemed more important. Yes bride, I’m talking to you.

Yesterday, if I’m truly honest, I had an open day and didn’t know what to do. I napped. I cuddled my cats. I watched YouTube videos. I cleaned my shower. So, could I have written up a little post, or at least aired an old one? Sure I could have, but instead thought, I doubt anybody is reading this anymore anyway. I purposely avoided doing it because I thought maybe at this point I was only doing it for me, not for any of you. Maybe my need to brain dump isn’t as strong or my efforts to get famous for my witty (non-promoted) writing has lessened.

Either way, I thought…if my urge to write hasn’t been there, then why. Like most things in life…there it is, the ever-impending, back of our mind, does-it-really-matter question…why?

Well, my friend is bored at work, so I guess that’s why. And though I fully promote doing things just for yourself…singing, poor guitar playing (or just a pretty guitar decoration these days), slowly reading, building the best Simpsons town the world has ever seen, yoga, stretching, updating your resume, proofreading, answering weekend texts from co-workers, networking, mulling over egg freezing, mulling over investments, needing to do your taxes…even though you need to do all these things for yourself and maybe, just maybe they trump your “just-for-fun” writing, maybe deep deep down the things you do don’t just affect you, maybe, just mmmaaayyybbee somebody, somewhere is actually touched by what we do. And that in itself, is touching.

If your light is on at 2 am and even one person comes to check if you’re okay…then you’re okay. Tess, Suburgatory

The Ginga Ninja


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