Even Steven…or Stephanie…


Sometimes I feel like Jerry Seinfeld. Out with one guy in with another. Out with one friend in with another.

If you’ve ever seen the episode where he loses a $20 bill and later finds another in his pocket, he begins to notice that things always turn out exactly the same, never really better or worse, no loss, but also no gain. He becomes a good old “Even Steven” and emphasizes that it the end, well, it all evens out. Jerry seems to live a life in moderation and though there is flux, it’s all manageable and very little of it life-changing. Something good happens?  Well, it’s not thhhhaaattt good, something bad happens, well, the same. He knows that give it enough time, it’ll life-pictures-quotes_4773-6even out.

I’m starting to feel like that myself. Each time a friend falls madly in love and drops dangerously low on the radar, another loved one seems to be going through a crisis which needs time and attention. Each time a friend gets a whim to move away to a new country, another seems to be just hopping on a plane and returning home. All in all, things seem to even out. One crappy guy finally off the books? Along comes a new crappy guy to incite all the same feelings and woes (I kid, I kid).

Either way, the reason this came to mind is that a friend of mind who moved away 2 years ago, who I thought, “oh no, who am I going to hang out with!?” is moving back to my city, right as another brand new super cool friend decided she is moving back to her hometown. Them’s the breaks. Out with one, in with another. And so on and so forth and obla di obla da….life goes on.

The Ginga Ninja


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