That Wasn’t the Plan


8121734895_79742240a4_mThings don’t always go according to plan, and you know what? Maybe that’s alright. How many people do you think wake up on their 82nd birthday and say, I’m so glad that everything happened exactly the way I thought it would. That everything I ever thought I wanted I got, and everything I ever tried to do, I achieved. In MY fake version of the world, well everyone, but in reality, very few.

Most talk about the mysteries of life. The adventures. The sadness. The happiness. The unexpected turns that brought them somewhere they never imagined. The surprise careers, the failed loves, the hidden blessings. They think back on a life where they wish they made more mistakes and had more regrets. A life without any broken bridges, dead-end paths or unexpected characters is a life that very few look back on grateful that they had. It’s the things we can’t plan for that usually surprise us the most.

But, life is long & short all at the same time. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. But, you can’t have one without the other, you can’t feel joy without pain, you can’t feel loss without gain (reeaallly decided to avoid sunshine and rain there). But, I think what I’m trying to say is don’t plan all the time. Just live. Just breathe. Turn off your brain. Turn off your clock. Turn up the volume. Sing, stare, listen, read, write, hug, feel, but stop envisioning a world where all your dreams come true, because odds are, your dreams can be nightmares and your failures your blessings.

I can appreciate the everyday, but why not live in the possible? The world just doesn’t have as many mysteries anymore. There’s no new continents to explore, there’s no more deepest darkest Africa; everything’ all mapped out my satellites and sonar.  Yet, still, people reach for the unknown. It’s what makes us grow.                                                                                                                                                                                     – Castle


The Ginga Ninja


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