Money is power, Freedom a cushion



Recently I splurged. Okay, recently I’ve splurged way too much. And it appears as though my opportunities for overspending always come at a time when I’m trying to save money. Or perhaps more appropriately my realizations about my overspending are at times when I’m paying attention to money.

But, I have been on the lookout for new pillows. Maybe it’s because my brother got some new ones and I am now suffering from pillow envy, or perhaps it’s that the ones I only got 2.5 years ago now have feathers sticking out. Whatever the case, I had started keeping an eye out for decorative pillows, only to uncover the motherload.

Well, self-restraint may not be my middle name because I managed to spend a small fortune on you got it, pillows. Not charities, food or a vacation, but gosh darn pillows.

Life’s short. I say buy as many pillows as you want. – Anonymous

The Ginga Ninja


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