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  1. How eye opening! I have experienced the same thing and would love your knowledge. I tried to email you, but I can’t find how.

    • Hi CC,

      I’m fairly sure if you click on the “connect with the ginger girl”, the piano on the right side you can send an email 🙂 . Let me know if you have any problems, would be more than happy to help!

      Ginga Ninja

      • I have never heard about the ginger/ red head thing before.. WOW.. I am a strawberry blonde/red head …Ancestors from Scotland.. You just described my life from childhood on. My search took me to find something called Mast Cell Activation Disease.. Pretty much the same symptoms and reactions from doctors and everyone around me. An allergist put a name on it finally! Histamine problems and complicated issues with how the body works. Check it out as it has a wealth of information. Check out the .gov sites and go from there as you find doctors that work with this MCAD.. It is related to allergies to most everything..

        • Yes, the funny thing is my family never really acknowledged something was wrong, until something was REALLY wrong and then suddenly it was like oh, ya when you were little, oh remember when, oh well I guess you were failure to thrive as a baby……a laundry list of things that make you a candidate for allergy type immune responses. That and my family includes a doctor and nurses and did remember learning redheads react to things different, we are missing certain enzymes, amines and genes. We need 33% more anesthetic. I have another post that goes pretty into the redhead thing, haha. But, I follow a woman named Yasmine, who has social media called “Healing Histamine”, she also refers to it as Mast Cell. I think the anti-histamine, anti-flame, mast cell, even paleo and keto schools of thought are all really similar. Everything as it turns out is related to the gut, and everything as it turns out can cause an auto immune response. Baaahh. 2013 was a tough tough year of learning let me tell you!

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