You win Karma, You Always Do.


I feel selfish lately. Funnily enough, many friends encourage this behaviour right now. When you come out of anything long-term (school, relationship, job) you realize how much time you spent trying to please friends, family, co-workers, your partner and show the world how ready you are to tackle it. So much of your life is about next steps, societal expectations, and doing the “right thing”. The second you throw that all out the window and try to recreate the course of your life, all bets are off.

So, everybody says “be selfish” right now. Be unreliable, spend money, feel pain, feel hurt, and feel extreme happiness in completely random and unpredictable acts. Be selfish, because that is who you really depend on and it may just be only for a limited time.

But, whether it’s the right or wrong attitude, I still feel bad when I let others down. I realize this is my chance for a little while to become unreliable, a loaded gun in a game of Russian roulette if you will….but it doesn’t change how much of a schmuck you feel like when you forget your passport and prevent a future bride from her day of dress-shopping bliss.

So, for all those people who say “who cares”, I guess, selfish or not, I still do. I think I would still recommend looking out for others, because frankly, when you’re old and grey, you are going to need those others to look out for you.

Karma is a bitch, and I for one do not want to come back a cockroach…though as I heard the other day that only twinkies and cockroaches can survive a nuclear disaster, so maybe it’s not all bad. We are human, we screw up, so maybe a cockroach I’ll be.

Mess with KARMA and you end up with A MARK on your soul…

The Ginga Ninja

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