Now, Add Just a Teaspoon of Insanity….


Does anybody have the recipe for a perfect breakup? You know, a dash of communication, a pinch of honesty, and a cup (better yet, a bottle) of alcohol?  As it turns out, I sure don’t.  No matter the reasoning, no matter how mutual, now matter how secure you are or how good your life now is…it seems impossible to escape the breakup crazies.

Somewhere, sometime those little specks of doubt, those little inklings of “did I just ruin my life” will creep in.  Yes, in time of course things will evolve, but the moment that doubt creeps in, time seems to stand still.

I empathize for all those who have ever gone through this agonizing period and this time, this oh-so-carefully plotted time, I thought I had overcome them all.  The perfect recipe for the perfect breakup.  But, just like everything, reality eventually sinks in and somewhere somebody forgot to mention a vital ingredient…

Oh ya, that thing called not being human.  It may not happen during the break, it may not happen the week after the breakup, but someday down the road, that heart-wrenching, gut-aching feeling of loss will kick in.  And I guess my friends that means tomorrow can’t come fast enough.  Oh, and that time that it takes to heal wounds?  Well, somebody get me a Delorean because I need to get me to the future. 

The Ginga Ninja


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