Happy Valentines Day To Me.


So…VALENTINE’S DAY, those two dreaded words…otherwise known as…VD. Need I say more?  It’s kind of funny to think that a holiday about love shares the same acronym as a sexually transmitted disease – VD, Valentine’s Day?  Think, VD, Venerial Disease.  Hopefully if you are sharing this day with your one and only, that one and only isn’t sharing something else with you….

Anyways, on to the real point at hand.  To be a cynic, or not to be a cynic?  To be bitter, or not to be bitter?  To be a joiner, a believer, a hopeless romantic…I guess I’m undecided on what I am.  I like to think I’m an anti-Valentine’s Day personality, but I secretly think I (might) be a closet Valentine’s Day lover. If not the event itself, the idea at the very least….and that is both when single or otherwise committed.

I do of course think it’s an overdone holiday glorifying couples and romance alike, a day that Hallmark’s profit statements will forever be grateful for, but is that all bad?  Yes, it leaves the single feeling dateless and desperate, alone and forlorn, yes it leaves children judging their popularity by the number of Valentines they receive, but is there anything really, truly wrong with a holiday that celebrates love?  Is it really so bad for couples to try to take a night to themselves and plan something sweet?  Depends on how successful you are at it I suppose.

There are many reasons to hate this holiday, or to pity ourselves when we cannot partake, but why can’t we?  Can’t we still love our friends, our families, our pets, ourselves…and know that no matter how hard we try, Valentine’s Day would never live up to the hype anyhow.

Besides, those morning-after 75% off chocolate sales come in handy for all…

But, unlike some of my anti-Valentine’s day friends who throw girls-only anti-VD parties…I’m not bitter.  Maybe it’s because I’m a bit older, maybe it’s because I know why I’m in this place right now, maybe it’s because I haven’t had a VD alone in years, but I like to hold onto a little piece of that sappiness….I like to hold onto just a teeny, tiny, glimmer that romantic comedies really could parody truth.  You know, the friend, of a friend, of a friend who it happened to?

It’s nice to think that there may be a great and romantic story behind all of this…that even though in reality there are many different Saint Valentines in Roman history…and it’s actually the poet Geoffrey Chaucer who may have linked it to February 14th…and only in the 1800’s did the practice of exchanging cards begin… I prefer to think there must be a real reason we celebrate this overdone holiday.

Though completely inaccurate, I like Alex’s version from the show Happy Endings. Saint Valentine is real. Valentinius Valentine was a 9th Century Prussian Martyr who after being ordained at St. Stanaslos Church in Chelstick Holstein roamed the Black Forest in search of his long lost love Arbena Scholbolskow. If you really believe in him he will help you find love.

So, just like karma, fate, souls, Buddha, God, the “money” you transfer while online banking…just because something cannot be seen or understood, doesn’t mean it can’t be real to you.  So, at the very least, I urge you to believe in the idea of Valentine’s Day, if not the festivities of the day itself.  I know I will.

Happy Valentines Day.

The Ginga Ninja 


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